Guatemala Outreach

In 1974 we founded a Christian School which we call "School of the Messiah." Through the years of ministry, we have provided Academic and Christian Education to thousands of needy children and young people.

In 1975 we founded a Christian Medical Clinic. We assist patients with their physical health and help them with the Word of God.

In 1988 we founded a Christian Church, which is called "Church of the Messiah." Today, we have 14 churches with the same name.

In 1999 we founded a Bible Institute where we are TRAINING new pastors, leaders of our churches, and missionaries.

We always have CONSTRUCTION of new churches and Christian Schools going on.

Through all of these ministries, THOUSANDS of needy children, young people, and adults have accepted Jesus Christ in their hearts.


Please click here to view a few photos of our work in Guatemala.