Reasons Why You Should Join CCFIM
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1.   Calvary Christian Fellowship International Ministries serves many different types of ministers who seek an apostolic covering and accountability.

2.   Dr. Ervin and Faye Donaldson as well as Drs.Coy and Dee Barker, the General Overseers, are full-time dedicated servants, teachers, authors and world-wide speakers. These two men have pastored for a combined total of over 100 years. This is a team of great leadership.

3.   CCFIM gives you connections to churches and leaders from around the world.

4.   CCFIM provides ministerial credibility and a powerful spiritual covering. You will find great wisdom, love, care and counsel to help guide you and your ministry through challenging seasons. This fellowship is built upon sound Biblical Doctrine and is over 15 years old.

5.   We have availability to assist you in setting up your 501c3 (Non-profit) status for your ministry once a part of CCFIM.

6.   Great information will be added consistently to our website of testimonies portraying God's grace, power and church growth as well as great articles of interest with world-wide news of the move of God.

7.   There will be great opportunities for you and your ministry to connect to missions, sponsor a child, network with other ministers and a powerful prayer force. Additional benefits are too many to mention. This is a great fellowship committed to assisting ministers in becoming more effective in whatever roles of ministry God has called them into. CCFIM is Government approved in the USA as well as Kenya, Africa.